Condit Exhibits reached out to HTS tentiQ early on in the bidding process of the America’s Cup event management contract. The America’s Cup required an event venue structure system to meet specific event needs as the structure would be in service for a full season of sailboat racing event. The structure had to have a cutting edge aesthetic appearance inside and out offering defined interior and exterior spaces for entertainment hospitality, event viewing, sail team and sponsor office areas and even speciality pop-up stores, such as the Louis Vuitton Boutique. Our clients requested that we simply supply a clearspan structure system that is as beautiful and as intelligently designed and engineered as the vessels that it’s there to honour.


Condit Exhibits chose HTS to be its partner as they wanted to provide the event with a brand new HTS Manhattan style structure which would meet all the client’s specifications requirements.

The Structure needed to be impressive and be a complete system that was going to offer a high end finished look for the many months that it would be in service. It was clear that the customer needed at least 15,000sq ft of space in the Club 72 Venue and that 2 levels was a must in order to take advantage of the second level for preferred view of the sailing action. The HTS Manhattan Style structure is a complete integrated system with the entire component designed and engineered to work with each other perfectly.  It will be as impressive to the attendees as the final races take place in Late September as when it was installed in mid June.

The build site location at the end of a pier on San Francisco bay called for a structure to be designed and engineered to withstand the wind load pressures that were above and beyond the baseline IBC California building code for San Francisco. HTS commissioned a PE study of the site and indentified every multiplier that may add the wind pressures on the clearspan structure system and extrapolated the worst case wind load criteria. Our HTS in house engineers in Germany worked with our US engineers and the structures were designed, engineered and built to the suitable increased wind load requirements.

The Manhattan structure style provided has a Low slope Thermo Roof structure 25.00m wide x 30.00m long with two full storeys, featuring HTS Avantgarde style windows, doors and hard wall, cassette flooring, and numerous second level outside covered deck areas. The project construction began in mid-May and was completed as per the project schedule to coincide with the beginning of the event on July 4th.


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