The Government Organisation ‘Transport NSW’ were upgrading the northern line train in
Sydney. While the work was going ahead and parts of the train line out of use, they were putting on a service called Station Link with additional buses to transport commuters between train stations.

To implement Station Link they required bespoke temporary bus shelters that could be placed in-between the train stations and be colour coded to match the buses making the pick-up.

Designing and manufacturing bespoke structures is one of the things HTS tentiQ does best. The project did however present a few more challenges ….

  • Each site had sloping ground and some sites needed bus shelters joining together.
  • Most of the clearspan structures needed to be Magenta Pink to match the buses.
  • Each shelter needed the Transport NSW branding and the location of each bus stop.
  • To avoid minimal impact on traffic and commuters the structures needed to be installed over night.
  • All the strict requirements of being a supplier for the State Government needed to be met.
  • And, there was an immovable deadline for the shelters to be ready that coincided with the work beginning on the train line.


The client found the HTS tentiQ website and got in touch. After several meetings discussing how to customise the HTS structures, the idea of the Skillion PVC Roof Design came up – something that would avoid using glass and the likelihood of it being vandalised – and the whole project grew from there.

During the meetings HTS were able to demonstrate their ability to meet the strict Government supplier requirements, their scope and experience with customising structures and the quick and easy methods of installation. And, of course a willingness to do the night shifts!

Building such a good working relationship from the beginning and having a deep understanding of the client’s requirements, HTS were able to overcome any challenges with ease:

  • The varying slope gradients were calculated prior to manufacture to ensure the structure legs were all engineered at the correct different lengths.
  • Links were engineered to ensure some of the shelters could be joined.
  • The ease of installation meant there was minimal impact on the footpaths.
  • Being a manufacturer meant HTS were in control of the production scheduling and could guarantee the shelters would be manufactured, delivered and installed on time.
  • Lots of late nights overseeing the installations!
  • HTS easily ticked all the Government supplier conditions and are now listed as a preferred supplier.
  • Transport NSW were able to speak to the Project Managers at HTS tentiQ at any time of any day to overcome hurdles or queries.

As an extra benefit for HTS there are 24 bespoke bus structures in highly visible public areas in New South Wales – and being Magenta, all unmissable!

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