The IBU World Championships Biathlon 2008 were held in Östersund, Sweden between the 8 – 17 of February 2008. HTS clients, Extreme Events AB and Yellow Line AB, were each awarded contracts to provide two twin-storey structures for the event. The two multi-level curved roof structures were integral to the success of this premier event.


The first multi-level structure was located in the centre of Östersund and was utilised by the local hotels offering visitors restaurant facilities and hospitality over the period of the event. The ground level structure measured 35.00m span x 20.00m long with a 30.00m span x 20.00m long curved rafter structure supplied as the second level building including a 5m x 20.00m balcony area. The structure featured over-hanging rafters which incorporated thermo- inflatable roofs and double glazed glass and solid walls together with HTS premium internal staircases.

The second structure was positioned within the main stadium arena. It measured 15.00m x 45.00m on both the ground and upper levels and also featured our insulated curved thermo roof system with double glazed glass and hard walls. The structure also incorporated a 5.00m x 20.00m balcony.


The innovative range of two and three-storey structures from HTS tentiQ offer clients a new dimension in structure technology.

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