The Protezione Civile in Italy needed to urgently extend hospital capacity in the Veneto and Basilicata regions for COVID-19 patients. The extra capacity needed to be available quickly and located near to the existing hospitals.

The urgency of the situation was critical in order to ease some of the colossal pressure on the regions’ hospitals, which were near breaking point.


HTS tentiQ’s Sales Manager for Qatar and Italy worked on the project together as Protezione Civile were donated the structures as a gift from the Qatar Government.

The GZ tent range was chosen for the project because it can be designed and manufactured in large sizes; a fundamental requirement as a lot of additional capacity was urgently needed.

For this project, the width of the main structure could easily be engineered to the required 40.00m, 10.00m wider than the standard HTS 30.00m width.

The final structures supplied and installed were as follows:

  • 2 x 10.00m wide, 60.00m long, 3.00m high
  • 5 x 20.00m wide, 60.00m long, 3.00m high
  • 1 x 40.00m wide, 80.00m long, 4.00m high
  • Roof: Opaque white industrial grade PVC coated fabric – UV resistant, flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1, M2, BS 5438/7873.
  • Walls: ABS solid hard panels, 4mm thick durable ABS plastic. Easy, fast installation without tools.

The ability to have the right amount of additional capacity, delivered and installed so quickly, was critical.

Achieving this fast turnaround meant the extra space could help ease some of the immense pressure on the local hospitals and staff in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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