The Nadee Restaurant had a standard event tent marquee installed for a number of years which they were looking to upgrade. The original marquee had done its job by providing an additional function room to the restaurant for wedding and parties.

The owner, however, had been searching for a more sophisticated tent which would allow him to bring in the additional revenue he knew his location was capable of. The structure needed to remain similar in size to his original marquee so the existing planning permission would still apply.


To create the most comfortable environment possible for diners the client decided to go for the THERMO roof option. This unique roof system creates the maximum level of insulation allowing the restaurant to retain the desired temperature at all times. To ensure customers could enjoy views of the fabulous location, as well as wonderful cuisine, panoramic double glazed walling panels were installed along the side of the event marquee. And, for added comfort and temperature control, insulated wall panels were included at the rear side of the structure.

The new event tent was then linked to an existing building which was already in place for the bar and reception area. With the exterior area of the event structure landscaped alongside the River Trent, the new event space is a major enhancement to the restaurant and already attracting many bookings.

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