A leading provider of air rescue services and aircraft maintenance in Spain needed a helicopter hangar for a critical healthcare mission. The hangar was needed to protect the helicopter from the heat and was needed very quickly.


A roofing solution from the WS line was provided, with 15.00 m by 15.00 m dimensions, and an eave height of 4.20 m.
Without constant air-conditioning, the cabin in the helicopter was reaching temperatures of up to 50°C when left out in the open. The opaque PVC walls and the roof were therefore decisive in protecting the aircraft, ensuring lower temperatures and a more comfortable flight for the crew.
The helicopter hangar was designed to endure snow loads of 25 kg/m² and winds of up to 100 km/h, to protect against any extreme weather conditions that may occur.
All aircraft and helicopter hangars from HTS tentiQ are developed to meet current requirements for military and humanitarian use, and can also be adapted to any specific national conditions. The hangars are affordable, quick to deploy and extremely weatherproof.

As required, the customer received the helicopter hangar within 4 weeks. The opaque roof and walls reduced the temperatures, ensuring better conditions for the transportation of personnel.

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