The requirement for a hospitality event structure came from an exclusive Sports Venue in the Chilean coastal city of Vina del Mar City.

The venue had three main priorities. Firstly they wanted to expand their existing event and function space. Secondly, they needed to ensure this additional space could somehow be opened up in the hot summer months, something they weren’t able to do very well in the existing permanent facilities. And, thirdly, they wanted a structure that could be linked to and blend in with the existing facility; an old English Victorian style design.

Given the complex and highly bespoke nature of the project the venue bought in their construction partners, Wienecke, to project manage the whole process for them. Weinecke contacted several companies who manufacture aluminium structures but none of them were able to comply with the customised dimensions or bespoke components required.


Only HTS tentiQ was able to take on the project with a fully customized structure design and engineering process, stringent quality control checks at every stage of the project and also final installation. This final part of the project required extreme care and precision with the positioning of the base plates and frame uprights to ensure the new sports building could be successfully linked to the existing facility.

The event structure provided was specified with a strong aluminium frame profile that complies with DIN EN 13782 for wind speed tolerances. This meant the venue could use it on a permanent basis but retain the benefit of the ‘temporary’ build process and the ability to dismantle and move the building if they ever wanted to.

The venue now has additional event space and can expand their events and functions with ease,
To compliment the modern clean aesthetics of the building plus quality and durability, the hospitality event structure met the required functionality with the ability to remove wall panels to create a pleasant open-air space in the hot summer months.

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