A car manufacturer event based in the Olympic complex in Moscow, Russia discovered the benefits of using a double decker structure for a hospitality event. An exclusive design representing the end client’s brand and high quality was used for the hospitality structure during the test drive event.


The event rental company, working on behalf of the end client, chose HTS tentiQ as they are well known in the industry for having a good reputation and vast capability to manufacture and deliver standard and bespoke structure projects.

A Manhattan Double Decker hospitality structure was supplied measuring 15.00m wide, 30.00m in length and each deck had a side height of 4.00m. A thermo insulated roof was used with 5.00m bay of Avant-garde glass walling on the lower deck and the upper deck used Avant-garde panoramic glass walling panels. An internal staircase was fitted with a set of double entrance/exit doors at the front of structure and calculated to a snow load of 95kgm² and wind speed up to 120 km/hr.

The end client was extremely satisfied with how good the 2 storey hospitality structure looked reflecting their brand and quality whilst accommodating the comfort of visiting clients.

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