The mining storage shed requirement was for a large mining project in Chile, 5,000m above sea level in the Andes. The warehouse was required for maintenance of special lorries and tools.

Mining exploration camps need to be easily deployed between multiple locations over undefined period of times. For this reason, all camp equipment and infrastructure needs to be suitable for long-term use, but equally easy and quick to deploy; in all climates, terrains and environment.

Along-side providing a demountable, relocatable mining shelter for long-term use, there were several other challenges to be met:

  • As Chile is a major earthquake zone the storage shed needed to comply with the Chilean anti-seismic building codes.
  • The building needed to withstand the higher wind and snow loads experienced at high altitudes.
  • The construction team needed to be able to work safety in the demanding, high altitude climate.


The client chose HTS as they already had a good understanding of the company’s capability to develop complex engineering projects using aluminium.

The mining storage shed specified, manufactured, supplied and installed was from the HTS L-Series Range. This range of warehouse structure can be easily demounted and relocated without losing any strength and durability. As HTS design and manufacture all their own structures, the ability to engineer a building to a higher specification and strength is standard practice.

To ensure the building would be strong enough to comply with the anti-seismic building codes and high snow and wind loadings, HTS worked with a partnership company in Chile together with a Chilean Engineer in order to comply with the local normative.

In addition, all the technicians and managers working on the install had to undergo a demanding medical and physical examination to ensure they were safe working at 5,000m altitude.

The final mining storage shed installed was a bespoke 17m wide by 50m long and 6m eave height.

From enquiry to handover the project took 16 weeks.


A key factor to success in the mining industry is the ability to save time and cost in prospecting and developing new sites and camps. By having a modular warehouse system that can be dismantled and relocated as much as required is something that will save the client millions of dollars in time.

In an area with natural landscapes and native species there is a huge benefit for the client, and its public image, in having structures that can be removed without leaving harmful residues for species of flora and fauna.

The benefit of having permanent ongoing support from HTS in Germany means that any inconveniences that may arise will be quickly and effectively attended to.

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