A world leading vehicle manufacturer in Spain had a requirement to rent several secure warehouse buildings to be situated on their existing site. These warehouse / storage buildings were required to accommodate new manufacturing projects, hence they need to be highly secure and private. In addition to the rental warehouse buildings they wanted to purchase a steel frame 25.00m x 25.00m x 5.00m warehouse.

The company published a tender and issued it to all the main temporary warehouse manufacturers. The contract was awarded to HTS tentiQ.


HTS tentiQ presented a proposal to the client’s engineers on the benefits of aluminium warehouse structures with thermo insulated roofs versus their tender specification requirement for steel buildings. They felt satisfied with the report and continued with the order based on the HTS tentiQ proposal.

For the rental warehouse structures HTS tentiQ provided four industrial warehouses from their L-series range all made with 75kgs snow loads and 100kms/h wind loads resistance. The sizes provided were 10.00m x 110.00m x 6.20m – 10.00m x 70.00m x 5.20m – 15.00 x 50.00 x 5.20m and 15.00m x 60.00m x 5.20m. A total of 3,450 sqm of warehouse storage space.

Three of the warehouse structures were built using 40mm sandwich wall panels coloured in special RAL to match the factory standard image. All the temporary structures were fitted with thermo insulated roofs, electric roller shutter doors and some awesome high-speed electronic doors.

For their warehouse purchase requirement HTS tentiQ proposed 25.00m x 25.00m x 5.00m L-series in anodised aluminium with thermo roofs, sandwich panels and a high-tech speed electric door.

Every temporary warehouse structure was delivered and installed to meet all the specifications and deadlines of the tender successfully and the client’s engineers were amazed by the quality of the service and the product manufacturing.

The factory is now planning to extend the actual 25.00m x 25.00m into a 25.00m x 80.00m and increase the rental period for the rest of the structures.

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