Newcastle Jockey Club, situated on the picturesque Hunter Coast in New South Wales, Australia, host a very busy horse racing schedule year on year. The club is also very popular for hosting events and wanted to add a different type of structure to their variety of function rooms.


An A Frame Premium RÖDER HTS (GZ) Large event structure was chosen that measured 3.00m in side height, 15.00m wide and 45.00m in length. The event structure also enabled the Jockey Club to reduce the width to 10.00m which allowed a 5.00m veranda to be positioned at the front. This would be used for race days so spectators could enjoy being outside but sheltered from the sun and also for larger functions as an outdoor covered space.

The event structure was constructed with aluminium sub structure cassette flooring, a hard wearing flooring system, plus ISO and glass walling. Nine sets of double glass doors were fitted to the front of the large marquee and nine single access doors along the rear.

With the additional event space available the club can now offer and host a wider variety of events and occasions during and outside their racing schedule.

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