The requirement for a large wedding & event tent came from a Wedding and Events venue in Cajicá, Colombia. Already an exclusive and sought after destination for weddings and events, the venue needed an event tent to increase their capacity for weddings. Something that could match the unforgettable style, magic and charm of the venue and preserve its steadfast reputation.

To ensure the tent could accommodate various types and sizes of events, the venue also needed a modular design that could be adapted to suit each individual occasion and number of guests. And, as a third but very important requirement, the venue wanted something that was cost-effective so they could quickly see a return on investment.


Meeting precise requirements like this is something HTS tentiQ has decades of experience
with. However, it was the recommendations from other tent and event companies that gave the client the confidence to choose HTS tentiQ over other suppliers.

After several consultations with the HTS tentiQ Colombian Representative, they chose a 15.00m x 35.00m HTS tentiQ GZ Large Event Tent with an A-Frame roof, Polyglass transparent walls and roof panels.

This type of structure was designed with style and durability in mind, making it the product of choice for Venues looking to expand their event space. There are nine designs to choose from within the GZ Range of Large Event Tents, all of which vary greatly in terms of visual aesthetics and functionality including the traditional A-Frame used for this project through to a star-shaped roof, a multi-sided option with 6, 8, 10 or 12 sides and a Carbon-Alloy design which uses a carbon-aluminium frame creating a much lighter, but much stronger structure.

Once the design is decided there is then a multitude of options for walls, flooring, doors and many other ancillary products. On this occasion the venue opted for transparent Polyglass walling allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful surroundings while they celebrated in style.


The large A-frame event tent from HTS tentiQ easily met and exceeded the venue’s expectations and key requirements. A stunning, durable, high-tech structure was designed, manufactured and installed in just two months.

The structure was a modular, adaptable design and an economical choice. With a large volume of wedding and function guests already experiencing the new GZ large tent, the venue is on track to enjoy a healthy and quick return on initial investment.

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