The client, a hotel chain in Croatia, was looking to extend the use of its swimming pool during their winter season and as such required a temporary structure to cover the pool.

The location presented a number of structural challenges as the swimming pool was situated in the uneven terrain of the hotel’s grounds.

With decades of experience in designing temporary structures built to overcome such obstacles, HTS was chosen to deliver a 10.00m x 16.00m HTS tentiQ GZ Large Event Tent. The customer preferred this design and HTS’ aptitude to deliver a rapid solution.


Since the GZ range offers both style and durability, it provided the perfect solution to extend use of the swimming pool to year-round. On this occasion the customer selected a HTS tentiQ GZ Large Event Tent featuring a transparent A-Frame roof with poly-glass wall and roof panels, resulting in a stunning structure to perfectly complement the landscape surrounding the pool.

  • The glass panels varied in height to perfectly accommodate the uneven ground and wall surfaces.
  • During the summer months there is the added flexibility to open up the glass walls, making this the perfect structure to use throughout the year.
  • With a wide range of accessories, the GZ series can be transformed by incorporating an array of accessory walling and roof options, canopies, doors and windows as well as flooring.
  • From initial enquiry to completion, the project took 6 months.


Thanks to the temporary swimming pool cover, the hotel can now offer the use of its swimming pool to customers throughout the year, extending the hotel’s standard season, with the potential to improve revenues.

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