A temporary exhibition hall was required by an exhibition company based in central Siberia that specialises in hosting international trade fairs, forums and exhibitions. The exhibition hall needed to be manufactured within 5 weeks and be able to move to another location if needed. A temporary structure was required over a permanent building as it was cheaper, safer and faster to build and by using a translucent roof it was naturally bright inside; something the exhibitors prefer and are prepared to pay a higher price for.


The client had bought a HTS tentiQ structure in 2005 and used it consistently over the last 12 years at fairs and exhibitions. Although they wanted a newer, upgraded temporary structure, the old one was still fully functional and so they were able to sell it before approaching HTS tentiQ for an alternative. This experience with HTS tentiQ reassured the client that they were working with the industry leader and the second structure would prove as successful and profitable as the first.
The temporary exhibition hall consisted of a LX / Customised Smart-Hall industrial building with an inflatable thermo roof system and 60mm insulated sandwich wall panels. The exhibition hall measured 25.00m x 60.00m x 6.40m with a snow-load of 68kgm² and 102 km/h wind-load.

The exhibition company got a brand-new temporary exhibition hall they needed within 5 weeks as required that was snow-loaded and insulated. Even better the temporary hall could be relocated with no problems if they needed to move location.

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