HTS tentiQ was approached by a tent rental customer to provide a swimming
pool enclosure over a temporary pool.

The tent rental customer needed the swimming pool enclosure for their client, a swimming pool company based in Queensland, Australia who were undergoing a major upgrade to their pool complex.

With around 2,500 children learning to swim at the centre, they were eager to ensure that their customers could continue to enjoy the use of their facilities.


The swimming pool company planned to transform its car park into a temporary swimming pool to avoid any inconvenience to its customers. The centre installed a state-of-the-art filtration system in a shipping container and constructed a one metre deep temporary pool above ground. HTS tentiQ was asked to design and supply a swimming pool enclosure to be built over the pool.


The client opted for an HTS tentiQ GZ premium structure, measuring 15m wide and 25m long with a side height of 3m.

The GZ range offers a versatile temporary building solution that can be used for a wide range of applications. The GZ premium structure can be used to expand any event space or sporting facility on a short or long-term basis, providing the perfect solution for the pool company’s swimming pool enclosure.

The temporary swimming pool was installed above the ground and the GZ premium structure, measuring 25.00m x 15.00m, was constructed over it. The structure featured an A-frame single layer roof and a combination of ISO and PVC walls.

HTS tentiQ GZ structures can be transformed using a wide range of accessories such as ABS solid walling, door units, overhead canopies and fully integrated cassette or steel sub-frame flooring systems. Cassette flooring and double glass doors were supplied and fitted by HTS tentiQ. The flooring was erected around the pool, approximately 1 metre off the ground.

Thanks to the temporary swimming pool enclosure, customers could continue to use the pool’s facilities without being interrupted by the major upgrades to the surrounding pool complex.

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