Our client, an integrated onshore and offshore drilling and well services contractor in Croatia, required multiple temporary weather protection structures to protect their hardware and machinery from extreme temperatures during the winter months. The temporary buildings needed to be installed over existing drilling-rig equipment with the flexibility to move them to new rigs in extreme weather conditions.

As the only company able to fulfil all the client’s specific requirements and certificates, HTS was chosen to design and manufacture a series of 6 semi-permanent structures. The installation was carried out by the HTS team of experts in collaboration with the client’s technical drilling-rig staff.


The innovative LX-SERIES semi-permanent building structure is available in a wide range of clear span widths, providing the perfect solution to the drilling company’s unusual requirements.

The temporary weather protection were built to the following specifications:

  • HTS custom-built all six structures to meet specific size requirements to ensure the structures could be installed in and around existing machinery and drilling equipment.
  • Dimensions, including bay distance, had to be adapted for all six weather protection structures, representing a unique set of challenges for the design and construction team which they successfully overcame.
  • The structures were installed on concrete slabs.
  • The standard HTS industrial structure snow and wind loads were more than sufficient to withstand the extreme weather conditions in the winter months.
  • The customer arranged heating inside the temporary buildings to provide better working conditions for the drilling staff.

The structures were all custom-built to the following dimensions:

  • 15.00m x 30.00m x 5.20m
  • 11.50m x 24.00m x 5.20m
  • 15.00m x 24.00m x 5.20m
  • 9.50m x 12.00m x 5.20m
  • 15.00m x 15.00m x 4.00m
  • 5.00m x 7.50m x 3.50m
  • 5.00m x 6.50m x 3.50m


Following HTS installation of the 6 LX-SERIES weather protection structures, the customer was able to provide continued protection of all their heavy drilling equipment, enabling them to work effectively all year round.

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