February 17, 2015 10:30 am


HTS tentiQ recently won the prestigious IAA International “Award of Excellence” for the category Tent Manufacturing & Design.

This year, the IFAI received a total of 235 entries from 12 countries in this year’s competition. Winners were selected based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function. Judges included industry experts, editors, architects, educators and design professionals.

HTS tentiQ submitted a customized 50.00m DOME structure which it had recently designed and manufactured for a private customer earlier in 2014. The purpose of the project was to supply a special, one-off re-locatable structure for a client who was celebrating its 150th year in business. The company had planned a number of events in multiple locations and needed a unique movable structure in which to hold them. The building needed to be easy to remove and reinstall as it was to be set up in several locations during 2014.

The type of events planned for the structure demanded a clear-span internal area with a large diameter and height. The building also needed to be round in shape due to the client’s site-specific dimensional restrictions. The complete structure incorporates highly specialized fabrication in the fabric membrane, aluminium and steel components used within the building.

To fulfil the client’s needs and aesthetic requirements, HTS tentiQ delivered a structure that featured customized curved rafters, which, to the company’s knowledge, had never been curved at this length before, and an 18.50-meter internal ridge height.

The company designed the structure to cope with specific weight loading requirements from the client, who needed to hang heavy duty lighting trusses, AV equipment and rigging for acrobatics equipment.

HTS tentiQ installed the building with the help of a central tower that was removed once all of the structural frame elements were in place, creating a complete clearspan 50 meter structure. We also fitted the interior of the building with a special insulated liner that doubled as a screen for projecting images around the internal perimeter during the shows. The structure was also supplied with a number of accessory options, including 10 double door units, one 6-meter-wide roller shutter door, four main entrance door sets and HVAC equipment.

HTS tentiQ designed, manufactured and installed the building in a short space of time, achieving the tight deadlines set by the client. The client’s 150th-anniversary celebrations were a huge success, thanks in part to the structure that housed the celebrations.