Are you looking to buy infrastructure for your mining camp project?

Most infrastructure needed for a long-term mining camp can be provided by HTS tentiQ – in most global locations, climates and environments.

We can supply the following original German designed mining and camp shelters for sale today at factory direct prices

  • Bulk storage
  • Vehicle maintenance


  • Workshops
  • Civilian shelters including kitchen, dining, living and office space

Why choose HTS tentiQ for your mining camp project?


We have one of the largest and most varied selection of industrial mining storage sheds and camp shelter systems for civil mining projects worldwide.


Our mining camp shelters and storage sheds are designed to withstand the most harshest of terrains and environments – from desert heat to sub-zero arctic conditions.


Many of our industrial sheds are available to hire as well as buy meaning we can tailor projects to your precise timescales and finances.


From the supply of one single shelter to creating and installing whole camps ready for use we can do it all.


We can set up your camp infrastructure in a matter of weeks using our global out-reach sales and installation teams and expert design and manufacturing service.


Vehicle and pedestrian doors, lighting, fire & detection systems, air conditioning and heating, robust steel walling, flooring and much more is available as standard.

Want to know more about our shelters and storage sheds for Mining Camps?


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